Here are some of my ongoing and finished work:

Written Words (what you won’t find here):

A Question on Love @ Wattpad (on hiatus) – what was supposed to be practice turned out to be a full-fledged novella.  It’s not the most deep or serious of works (egads, I’ve written/I’m writing a romance!) but it is out there and for free!  The tried and tested love triangle trope turned slightly on its head, set in the halls of a fictitious American liberal arts college.  (There’s a better synopsis on Wattpad…)

Web/Graphic Design:


Global Frequency, Inc. – I’ve designed the theme for the website and write content for the page/blog.


Kings of New York – the collected webpages for a Vampire the Masquerade LARP that is set and plays in New York, NY.  I designed and wrote the code for 90% of the main website and maintain the infrastructure of the wiki (which uses MediaWiki).  I am in the process of creating a player portal for the website, using Drupal.  A chunk of CSS was written by  Technically ongoing.

The Sabbat of OWbN Wiki – this one is OLD!  I edited and wrote some code for the Mediawiki-based wiki for One World by Night (a larp organization) to make the wiki match the main page for the particular faction of the organization.  Completely in CSS, though I also edit the source code now and then, as it uses a defunct version of Mediawiki.