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My Friend, Ludwig – Private Conversations

Or: A Fictional Conversation. It’s been a while. It’s always been a while. I’m rolling through articles in the New Yorker, trying to avoid political nonsense–because politics these days are absolute nonsense, dangerous nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless–and trying to not remember the bitterness cascading through my veins like the melting ice on this all too… Continue reading My Friend, Ludwig – Private Conversations

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My Friend, Ludwig – Twilight Life

Or: A Fictional Conversation About (Not-So-)Fictional Events.   My uncle-in-law passed away today. Or is it yesterday? The time is somewhere between night and day and I am hovering in my thoughts, trying to think of something to do rather than succumb to sleep. My heart is somewhere in the deep, like the ocean that surrounds… Continue reading My Friend, Ludwig – Twilight Life

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My Friend, Ludwig -Reacquainting

Or: A Fictional Account of A Day. It’s a cloudy day and I meet with my friend, Ludwig, at a cafe on Main Street. Ludwig is middle-aged and likes tweed jackets with patches on the elbows. I’m me, short, a little chubby, and prefer dresses at all times of the year. Today’s weather is perfect… Continue reading My Friend, Ludwig -Reacquainting